Grid Development

Strategic projects

At present, the power systems of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus form part of the IPS/UPS system controlled by Russia. Lithuania, like the other two Baltic States, seeks to join the decentralised European power system and to adopt transparent European standards for the power system control.
The most important Litgrid strategic priority is the integration into the European power system. 
As part of implementation of the most important objective in the area of energy independence – the connection of the Lithuanian power system with the European system, Litgrid implemented two strategic projects NordBalt and LitPol Link which linked Lithuanian power system to the Polish and Swedish ones.
Litgrid is also developing the electricity market. The aim is to complete the integration of the Lithuanian electricity market to the Norther European market and later – to integrate the Lithuanian electricity market to the common electricity market. 
In November 2015, the European Commission adopted a list of 195 key energy infrastructure projects. These projects known as projects of common interest are given the hight priority. They enable the integration of energy markets in Europe, the diversification of the energy sources and allow to bring an end to the energy isolation of some Member States. The list of the projects is updated every two years. 
Currently, these Lithuanian projects related to the synchronization of power system and the better use of interconnections are included in the list:
- 300 kV power transmission line Kruonis PSP-Alytus;
- 400 kV power tranmission line Marijampolė-Lithuanian border
- 330 kV power transmission line Visaginas NPP-Kruonis PSP
- Various aspects of the integration of the Baltic States’ electricity network into the continental European network, including their synchronous operation (generic project).
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