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Heads of Lithuanian and Polish TSOs discuss LitPol Link project

Heads of Lithuanian and Polish TSOs discuss LitPol Link project

On 2 October 2013, the heads of the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid in Warsaw met with the management of PSE, the Polish TSO, to discuss the progress of the strategic Lithuanian-Polish power interconnection project LitPol Link and preparatory works for the interconnection’s construction.
“In 2014 we plan to begin the key stage of the project – construction works in both Lithuania and Poland. We are fully prepared for this stage; we will soon select contractors for all sorts of works for the interconnection. We seek to inform residents living in places where new overhead power lines will be built about the planned construction works and their impact,” said CEO of Litgrid Daivis Virbickas.
The meeting in Warsaw addressed the issue of connecting the power markets of Lithuania and Poland and other projected infrastructure projects of both countries.
“It is symbolic that the first meeting with the foreign transmission system operators was held in Poland, a neighbouring country and our partner with whom we are implementing one of the strategic projects. Whatever the extent or complexity of a project, it is always important to get to know each other, communicate and share opinions. LitPol Link is the first and major electricity project that we implement together with our colleagues from Poland. I am sure that in the future we will carry out more works that are important for the both countries,” stated Virbickas.
In the photo (from left):  CEO of the joint Lithuanian-Polish company LitPol Link Artūras Vilimas, adviser to the board of PSE Malgorzata Klawe, member of the board of PSE Piotr Rak, chairman of the board of PSE Henryk Majchrzak, CEO and chairman of the board of Litgrid Daivis Virbickas, deputy CEO for strategic projects of Litgrid Karolis Sankovski and member of the supervisory board of LitPol Link Stanislav Vidtmann.
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