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Tender Winner Announced for the Feasibility Study of Baltic States’ Interconnection with European Continental Network

In the beginning of May, Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid is set to sign an agreement with a Swedish company that won the international public tender for a feasibility study regarding the Baltic States’ integration into the EU’s internal electricity market and implementation of possible interconnections. The lowest bid tender for the preparation of the feasibility study was won by the Swedish company Gothia Power AB. A total of three suppliers have submitted their applications for the participation in the tender.
The feasibility study on interconnection variants for the integration of the Baltic States into the EU’s internal electricity market will be completed by autumn 2013. As part of the study, investigation and assessment will be performed concerning possible synchronous operation variants for the Baltic States’ electricity energy system interconnection with the European Continental Network (ECN).
The investigation is a prerequisite for the establishment of clear technological requirements for the development of the ECN synchronous area and energy system interconnection. Furthermore, the prospective cost and benefit of the implementation of the ECN project will be estimated and follow-up action solutions will be proposed in line with the plans of the Baltic States’ electricity energy system interconnection with the European Continental Network for synchronous operation.
After negotiations with suppliers, the value of the contract which will be signed upon the expiry of the grace period for agreement conclusion as provided by the law will reach nearly EUR 1.25 million. Half of the financial support for the feasibility study will be earmarked from the European Union’s funds allocated for general projects implemented in the Trans-European Energy Networks (TEN-E). The remaining investment will be shared equally among Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian electricity transmission system operators.
Litgrid is responsible for the full-fledged integration of the Lithuanian electricity energy system into the European Continental Network and the common European electricity market. The company is also developing the national electricity transmission network and implementing strategic electricity energy projects, including international electricity interconnections NordBalt (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland).
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