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The Dawn of Lithuanian Energy Independence Soon to Break

The Parliament in adopting the Law on Electric Energy System Integration into the European Electric Energy Systems marks a significant momentum for Lithuania in its quest for energy independence and security.
The integration of the Lithuanian and European systems includes several strategic energy projects that are currently implemented and developed: the power link with Poland LitPol Link 1 and LitPol Link 2, the power link with Sweden NordBalt, and the preparation works for the construction of the principal regional power generator - the Visaginas nuclear power plant.
"The adopted legislation serves as the legal validation of our country's strategic goal of being a fully fledged participant of the European Union not only politically but also regarding energy. The integration of the electric energy system into Europe is an opportunity for us to autonomously control the domestic electricity system and electricity flows as well as independently address those issues related to energy infrastructure, electricity market, and system management. This is the goal that Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia seek in a common effort," Litgrid CEO Virgilijus Poderys says.
A successful integration into the European electricity system requires the creation of the Baltic electricity market and the region's inclusion in the Nordic and European markets. Shortly, Lithuania will enter into the Nordic power market; currently, the country is actively preparing for the commencement of the operation of the Scandinavian power exchange Nord Pool Spot in Lithuania, which is scheduled to take place 18 June.
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