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2021 february 10

Rokas Masiulis appointed as the director general of Lithuania‘s electricity transmission system operator Litgrid

 The Board of Litgrid, after evaluation of the results of the public recruitment process and the competence and experience of the candidate, appointed Rokas Masiulis as the Director General of Litgrid effective from 22 February 2021 when his resignation from the position of a member of the Board of AB Vilniaus Šilumos tinklai is completed in accordance with the principles of separation of energy transmission and generation.
2021 february 4

Litgrid results for 2020: increased revenue and system reliability indicators

Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid in 2020 received more revenue and earned higher profits, ensured more reliable supply of electricity to the consumers. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, another two synchronisation projects were implemented.
2021 february 1

Litgrid Started the Reconstruction Of a Transmission Line Important for the Synchronisation Project

Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid has signed an agreement on the design and construction of the 330 kV electricity transmission overhead line Klaipėda – Grobinė. This reconstruction is necessary to implement Lithuania's strategic goal:  synchronisation with the Continental European Network.
2020 december 17

TSOs agreed to strengthen cooperation for the future of offshore grid in the Baltic Sea

The TSOs of the Baltic Sea Region responsible for maintaining and developing the transmission systems agreed today to start the preparation work for the establishment of a cooperation for the Baltic Sea offshore grid.
2020 december 14

TSO’s of Baltic Countries and Poland Signed the Grant Agreement for the Second Phase of Synchronisation

Elering, AST, Litgrid and PSE, the electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) of the Baltic countries and Poland, signed the grant agreement today with the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) for the funding of the second phase of the Baltic synchronisation project. € 719.7 million, provided from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), will ensure the smooth implementation of infrastructure projects, allowing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to start operating in synchronous mode with Poland and other continental European countries by the end of 2025.
2020 november 26

Seabed Survey for the Harmony Link Cable Due to Start

PSE and Litgrid, transmission system operators in Poland and Lithuania, have signed an agreement with the consortium composed of MEWO S.A., Gdynia Maritime University, and Garant Diving UAB for the seabed survey in the Baltic Sea along the route of the planned Harmony Link cable project, which will connect Poland and Lithuania.
2020 november 4

The nine-month results of Litgrid: revenue and profits were up, the electricity transmission system operated reliably, strategic projects are effectively implemented

The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid has received more revenue and generated more net profit, improved the quality of services and, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, has effectively implemented strategic projects during the three quarters of this year.
2020 october 27

Experts from the Canadian company Teshmont Consultants LP will help develop the Litgrid offshore electricity connection with Poland

Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid has signed an agreement with an independent engineering consulting company Teshmont Consultants LP. The Canadian company's experts will advise on the implementation of the construction of the Lithuanian-Polish submarine high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable Harmony Link, by far the largest investment in the project for synchronization of the Baltic States with the Continental Europe Synchronous Area.
2020 october 19

Regarding the Terms, Conditions and Methodology on Cross-Zonal Capacity Calculation, Provision and Allocation with Russia

Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid, together with Latvian transmission system operator AS Augstsprieguma tīkls and Estonian transmission system operator Elering AS, prepared the Terms, Conditions and Methodology on Cross-Zonal Capacity Calculation, Provision and Allocation with Russia (hereinafter - the Methodology) and submitted it  for the approval to the respective Baltic regulatory authorities. The draft methodology also assesses the public consultation that took place in 2020. September 25 - 2 October (inclusive), comments and suggestions received in the process.
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