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2022 august 4

Litgrid results for the first half of the year: reliable electricity transmission ensured, preparations for synchronisation continue

Litgrid, Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, has ensured positive reliability indicators in the first half of this year and continued to prepare for the synchronisation.
The implementation of the synchronisation with the continental European grid and other strategic projects was ensured. Increased electricity market prices were the main factor behind the increase in both revenues and costs, having negative impact on the company's profit.
2022 august 1

“Litgrid” held a synchronous connection training session for Baltic states’ electricity system dispatchers

Baltic states’ electricity transmission system dispatchers took part in a training session to test scenarios for disconnection from Russia and Belarus, isolated operation and synchronous connection to the continental European grid. The training was organised by a team from the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator “Litgrid”.
2022 july 13

An impressive electrification of Lithuania is on the way: the country's energy demand is set to grow by almost 50% in 10 years.

“Litgrid”, the Lithuanian transmission system operator, predicts in this year's 10-year plan that electricity consumption in the country will be 46% higher in 2031 than last year. As the demand for electricity grows, the company plans to launch dozens of construction and reconstruction projects each year, and “Litgrid” plans to spend more than €2 billion in total to ensure the reliability and security of the grid. As we prepare for an impressive electrification leap, the company is sending a message to the labour market and future graduates: the demand for energy professionals will grow from time to time.
2022 july 1

New Baltic states’ electricity transmission operators' project - Regional Coordination Centre launches

The Baltic Regional Coordination Centre (RCC), which provides network security services to the Baltic states’ electricity transmission system operators - “Litgrid” of Lithuania, “Elering” of Estonia and “AST” of Latvia starts operating on 1st of July. The Centre will operate as an independent organisation. 
2022 june 29

Electricity transmission system operators will cooperate to ensure system adequacy

The operators of the nine Baltic Sea Region countries will work together to ensure the adequacy of the region’s electricity system. The decision was taken by the leaders of Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator “Litgrid”, Latvian “AST”, Estonian “Elering”, Danish “Energinet”, Finnish “Fingrid”, Swedish “Svenska kraftnät”, Norwegian “Statnett”, Polish “PSE” and German “50Hertz” at a meeting of the leaders of the Baltic Sea Region’s transmission system operators in Tallinn on 28 June.
2022 june 17

“Litgrid” sustainability performance: connected 217 MW of renewable energy sources to the grid; will use renewable energy for its own use; significantly increased green procurement

Over the past year, “Litgrid”, Lithuania’s electricity transmission system operator, has limited the use of environmentally hazardous materials, connected 250 MW of renewable power plants to the grid, fostered relations with local communities, and paid attention to the safety of its employees and to the favourable working conditions during the pandemic.
2022 june 10

Rokas Masiulis presenttaion at Nasdaq event CEO meets investors

Litgrid CEO Rokas Masiulis presentation at Nasdaq event CEO meets investors 2022
2022 june 7

Transmission system operators from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland signed the agreements in the framework of CEF program for the synchronization Phase 2 part II projects

AST, Elering, Litgrid and PSE, the electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) of the Baltic countries and Poland, signed the grant agreement with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) for EUR 170 million of EU support which will help to finance the planned investments under the project Phase 2 part II of the Baltic Synchronisation.  
2022 june 2

Baltic states’ electricity grid operators refuse balancing energy from Russia

Since 1 June, the Baltic states’ electricity transmission system operators - “Litgrid” of Lithuania, “Augstprieguma tikls” of Latvia and “Elering” of Estonia - have been balancing the electricity system jointly, while maintaining a balance with the Russian electricity system in line with BRELL standards.
2022 may 26

“Litgrid” prepares for the isolated operation test of Lithuania’s electricity system by testing the main Lithuanian power plants

Tests in March and April verified the ability of the power plants to operate at high frequency deviations. This is the first time such tests have been carried out in Lithuania.
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