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2023 September 5

An important cargo from Litgrid has reached Ukraine: a powerful autotransformer will provide electricity to hundreds of thousands

A second aid package from Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid has reached Ukraine, it will help rebuild the energy infrastructure of the country affected by the war. The package consists of an autotransformer delivered to Ukraine this week and other power grid equipment shipped earlier this year. The total market value of the equipment is about €3.6 million.
2023 August 28

Litgrid's results for the first half of the year: synchronisation readiness tested, electricity transmission reliability increased

Litgrid, Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, has implemented its seventh project to prepare for synchronisation with the continental European grid, reserved transmission network capacity for renewable energy developers after the introduction of the new rules, and increased the reliability of electricity transmission to consumers. The company's revenues and profits were higher than in the same period last year.
2023 August 2

Baltic TSOs signed an agreement for synchronisation to take place in February 2025

Elering, AST and Litgrid, operators of the electricity transmission systems of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, signed an agreement on the synchronisation. According to the agreement, disconnection from the Russian-controlled system and synchronous connection to the continental European grid will take place in February 2025.
2023 May 5

Litgrid First Quarter Results: Continuation of Synchronisation Projects and Important Decisions for the Development of Solar and Wind Energy

At the beginning of this year, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid consistently continued strategic projects for the synchronisation with the Continental Europe, introduced new rules for the development of renewable energy sources, ensured reliable electricity supply to Lithuanian consumers, provided support to the Ukrainian electricity system, including sending one of the most important transmission network devices, a 330 kV autotransformer. The company's revenue and profit grew, although the transmission rate for consumers decreased as congestion management revenues was used. 
2023 April 22

Litgrid Completed the Isolated Operation Test of the Lithuanian Electricity System

The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operated completely independently for the first time on Saturday. The system operator Litgrid performed an isolated operation test, during which the Lithuanian electricity network was disconnected from the IPS/UPS system controlled by Russia. The isolated operation test is one of the most important steps in preparing for the synchronisation of the electrical system with continental Europe.
2023 March 22

How Latvia is progressing towards the synchronisation

Latvian power transmission system operator „Augstsprieguma tīkls“ (AST) is has made important steps towards implementing its own synchronisation programme for connecting Latvian grid to the Continental European Synchronous Area. The operator has signed a contract for the supply and installation of three synchronous condensers and advances towards the reconstruction of overhead lines at a good pace.
2023 February 27

EPSO-G launches selection of “Amber Grid” and “Litgrid” Board members

The energy transmission and exchange company group EPSO-G has opened up the selection process for members of the boards of Amber Grid” and LitgridAmber Grid” is looking for a Board member nominated by the parent company in the area of innovation and green transformation competences, while Litgrid” is looking for an independent Board member in the area of technological innovation competences.
2023 February 6

Litgrid Results For 2022: Important Stages Of Synchronisation Projects Completed, High Energy Prices Led To A Loss

Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid in 2022 implemented the most important goals of strategic projects in the synchronisation with continental Europe programme, ensured reliable electricity transmission, developed innovations and improved the conditions for the development of renewable energy resources. Due to high electricity prices, the company suffered losses of 49.4 million, according to unaudited data. In response to the situation in the electricity market, at Litgrid's proposal, a part of the congestion management revenues received by the company is allocated to consumers, thereby amortizing the increase in the electricity transmission tariff from the beginning this year.
2022 December 29

Tomas Varneckas elected as the Chairman of the Board of LITGRID AB

Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator LITGRID informs that Tomas Varneckas, Head of Infrastructure of the Energy Transmission and Exchange Group EPSO-G, has been elected as the Chairman of the Board of LITGRID AB in the Board meeting held on 29 December 2022.
2022 December 2

Algirdas Juozaponis, the Chair of the Board of LITGRID AB, decided to leave EPSO-G company group

Algirdas Juozaponis, the Chair of the Board of the Lithuanian energy transmission operator Litgrid, has decided to leave the EPSO-G company group and retire from his position as the Chief Financial Officer of EPSO-G, starting from January 2023. Mr. Juozaponis will continue his office as a Chair of the Board of Litgrid until the selection is completed and the new member of the Board takes up their duties.
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