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System tests are carried out at NordBalt converter station

System tests are carried out at NordBalt converter station

Today during system tests of the interconnection between Lithuania and Sweden the NordBalt high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station was switched on in Klaipėda. The electrical equipment which was replaced after a failed test in Nybro last month was also checked. All functions and performance of the energized converter are to be tested till the beginning of next week. 
The successful completion of this part of tests will be followed by the power transmission test aimed at checking the loading capabilities of the link. After that the trial operation, the final phase of tests will start. 
The market participants are informed about NordBalt tests on the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool Spot website under the column Urgent Market Messages. 
NordBalt is one of the longest HVDC interconnections of this type in the world. It’s so called brain - HVDC converters that constantly interchange thousands of signals - are divided by 453 kilometres distance.
The construction works of the first power link between Lithuania and Sweden NordBalt were completed in November last year. The interconnector of 700 MW capacity could cover around half of Lithuanian consumption needs on a mild winter day.
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