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In 2011, 65% of electricity consumed came from imported sources

Electricity transmission system operator Litgrid reports that imported electricity accounted for 65% of the total consumption in Lithuania last year. In 2010, Lithuania's reliance on imports stood at 58%.

“For the third consecutive year, Lithuania remains the top electricity importer in the EU. Even 10-15% of electricity coming from imported sources is already considered an economic risk factor. All possible options considered, the new Visaginas nuclear power plant may ensure reliable and competitive basic electricity generation,” says Virgilijus Poderys, CEO of electricity transmission system operator Litgrid.

Last year, the country's total demand for electricity reached 10.4 terawatt-hours  (TWh), while electricity imports and imported gas for power production called for over LTL 2 billion in spending.

Electricity imports totalled 6.74 TWh, which cost over LTL 1 billion. Lithuania's electricity production amounted to around 3 TWh and the cost of gas imported for electricity production reached around LTL 1 billion. 
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