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The Lithuanian High Voltage Electricity Transmission Network is Safe

The Lithuanian High Voltage Electricity Transmission Network is Safe

Extensive measurements taken this spring have confirmed safe magnitudes of electromagnetic fields that occur around high voltage electricity transmission networks. The electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, who carried out the works, analysed over 30 areas throughout Lithuania.
The Litgrid specialists measured the magnitude of electric and magnetic fields created by power lines from different distance points. The results show, that the electromagnetic fields created by the Lithuanian electricity transfer network in all cases meet the Lithuanian hygiene norms, are significantly lower than the requirements set out in these norms.
“Safety and reliability are the key criteria in utilising and expanding the Lithuanian electricity transmission network. We also understand that it is our duty to keep increasing the public’s knowledge about the high voltage electricity network, what is safe and what is not, what can and can’t be done around it. In most cases the residents are responsible for their own health, therefore the public health specialists’ attention to this topic will help us reach the residents and ensure higher public awareness”, - said Vidmantas Grušas, director of Litgrid Transmission Grid Department.
The measurements are visually represented in a measurements map on Litgrid’s website. Updated information concerning electromagnetic fields and norms applied is also presented there. Measuring works will be carried out in west Lithuania this autumn.
The results of the electromagnetic field magnitude measurements taken by Litgrid were introduced in public health specialist forum “Electromagnetic Fields Created by High Voltage Overhead Power Lines and Public Health: How is the Impact Controlled?” The forum was organised by the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, the National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory and the Health Education and Disease Prevention Centre.
“Public healthcare is one of the most important questions within the national health policy. We try to give the residents the best possible information to answer any questions they may have. Cooperation between healthcare and energy providers can help us ensure positive outcomes in safeguarding and improving the public health”, - stated Romualdas Sabaliauskas, director of the Health Education and Disease Prevention Centre.
Considering all the new objects being built, Litgrid will provide the most up to date information concerning works and research being carried out to all interested public health centres and offices.
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