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Swedish contractors start working on the construction site of the key facilities of the NordBalt power link

Swedish contractors start working on the construction site of the key facilities of the NordBalt power link

A vacated territory of Klaipėda transformer substation was transferred to the Swedish technology company ABB, which produces and constructs the NordBalt power link and which will shortly start the installation of the direct current converter of the link. The contract with ABB regarding the installation of the NordBalt converters in Lithuania and Sweden was signed at the end of 2010; the contract value amounts to LTL 507 million.
The structure and technological facilities will be constructed in the territory of Klaipėda substation instead of the former 110 kV switchyard; the new switchyard has been built in the adjacent part of the substation. A high-voltage direct current cable will be connected to the converter and will transmit electricity at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Sweden. A direct current converter is necessary to convert alternating current to direct current, thus transmitting electricity between different Lithuanian and Swedish power systems.
“Power link construction is a particularly complex project, comprising many stages. Top quality of works and timely fulfilment of obligations are the key requirements that we set both for ourselves and our project partners,” said Karolis Sankovski, a member of the Litgrid Board and Director of the Strategic Infrastructure Department.

The plant in Sweden has already manufactured almost half of the subsea cable of the total length of over 400 km. Drilling works were performed and pipes for installing the cable were laid under the Curonian Lagoon and in the Curonian Spit already last autumn. Cable installation works under the lagoon and the Baltic Sea are scheduled to commence in April 2014.
Klaipėda transformer substation has been rapidly reconstructed in order to prepare for the construction of the NordBalt link. In early January, the operation of a new substation autotransformer was started; in February, the 110 kV part of the substation, which is being reconstructed in stages, was put into operation; and the reconstruction of 330 kV substation facilities will be shortly accomplished. At the end of 2015, Klaipėda substation will become the place for connecting the NordBalt power link to Sweden in Lithuania, and the new soon-to-be-accomplished electricity transmission line Klaipėda–Telšiai will be connected this autumn. In Sweden, Nybro substation will be used to connect the power link.
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