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Laura Žalaitė Becomes a CEO of Baltpool

On 27 August Laura Žalaitė, who had previously worked as the Head of the Capital Market department of Finasta Bank and who exercised the functions of a board member of the financial brokerage company Finasta, became a CEO of the Baltpool energy exchange.  
“I am very pleased that this competent and enterprising manager with immense experience in the field of finance has joined the Baltpool team. For this position we needed a person who would be able to form the concept of the energy exchange, and to develop and implement its strategy. Laura Žalaitė is a financial expert who will surely make a successful start in the somewhat unpredictable energy sector”, stated Rokas Masiulis, a chairman of the board of Baltpool and a CEO of Klaipėdos nafta, AB.
In 2004 Žalaitė joined Finasta as a financial broker. Later, she worked as the Manager of the Brokerage Department and then became the Head of the Department. Žalaitė graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University with a Master’s degree in Business Management and has acquired the general brokerage licence.
“In developing an effective market of energy resources, we need to ensure its transparency, competitiveness and to make it attractive to business. Together with my team I will strive for the establishment of a reliable technical platform as well as a clear and fair regulatory environment that would ensure equal grounds for each of the potentially growing line-up of exchange members. Accordingly we will encourage the competition and provide business enterprises with additional opportunities for their development”, Laura Žalaitė outlined her work objectives.
Since 18 June 2012 a Nordic power exchange Nord Pool Spot has launched its bidding area in Lithuania, the administration of Lithuanian power exchange was given to Nord Pool Spot. Baltpool, which has operated since 2010, has been expanding its activities. Having acquired the licence to act as a gas exchange operator, the company is also aiming to obtain the licence of a power market operator.  Baltpool’s objective is to develop the energy trade system and to ensure a fair energy price for all participants in the market.
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