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Terms and conditions of PTR-limited Auctions announced for the year 2015

Estonian and Latvian Transmission System Operators Elering and AS Augstsprieguma tīkls agreed on the new auction rules for the PTR-limited auctions.

The issuing of and trading with the PTRs-limited is a regional long-term electricity trade risk hedging instrument designated for the electricity market participants on the Estonian-Latvian interconnector. PTR-limited does not grant its holder any right to utilise capacity for the physical transfers of electricity.

A Participant wishing to participate in the Auctions for 2015 shall register with Auction Office by submitting to Auction Office a duly completed registration form signed by the authorized representative of the Participant. The Terms and completed registration  form a binding agreement between Auction Office and each Participant.
The PTRs-limited shall be offered, issued and sold by Auction Office at the Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Auctions.
The first PTR-limited auction for the yearly amount – 200MW – will take place on 13th of November 2014.
The auctions' schedule, capacities and results are available on Elering website
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