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Transformer at NordBalt’s converter station in Sweden being replaced

Transformer at NordBalt’s converter station in Sweden being replaced

One of the three transformers of the NordBalt power interconnection at the Nybro HVDC converter station in Sweden is being replaced. At the moment NordBalt is shut down due to a malfunctioning joint of the underground cable in Sweden. The replacement operation and the repair of the joint will last until next Friday (24 June). 
“The beginning of the NordBalt operation is a good opportunity for ABB engineers, who view themselves as global leaders in HVDC technologies, to show their competence and experience. In developing equipment for the NordBalt, ABB specialists relied on modern and highly complex technologies. They also took into consideration the different parameters of the Lithuanian and Swedish electricity systems which needed to be adjusted to ensure the long-term operation of the NordBalt,” CEO and Chairman of the Board of Litgrid Daivis Virbickas said.
256 MVA transformers are one of the key elements of NordBalt converter stations. They are designed to convert alternating current into direct current and vice versa. Similarly, three active transformers and one standby are installed in the NordBalt HVDC converter station in Klaipėda. 
All NordBalt transformers were specially designed and manufactured at ABB’s factory in Ludvika. Following the additional testing the transformer will be returned to the Nybro converter station and serve as a standby transformer.   
The NordBalt power interconnection is currently in trail operation. The cable, transformer parts and equipment have a three-year maintenance guarantee. All technical faults and equipment are repaired by the global leader in power and automation technologies ABB, which has an experience of more than 60 years in developing HVDC technologies.  
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