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An internal check at Litgrid initiated due to the conclusions presented by the Public Procurement Office

With regard to the letter of the Public Procurement Office received on 3 August 2017, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid set up a commission for analysing the conclusions presented by the Office with respect to the public tender for the construction of the 110 kV transmission line Kretinga-Benaičiai wind power plant transformer substation.   
After an internal check is done and the commission submits its conclusions, decisions for further action will be made.   
A contract of EUR 1.98 million without VAT for the technical design and construction works of the new electricity transmission line was signed with UAB Tetas in September 2015. The contract lays down that the contractor shall prepare a technical design, coordinate it with concerned parties and construct a 27 km long 110 kV electricity transmission line from Kretinga to Benaičiai wind power plant substation.   
The construction works of the new electricity transmission line commenced in the autumn of 2016. The construction is planned to be accomplished in November this year. EUR 974 000 have been allocated for this project from European Union funds.
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