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Winner Announced in Tender to Build Alytus HVDC Back-to-Back Converter Station as a Part of LitPol Link Interconnection

Successful bidders have been selected after a tendering process to carry out the design and construction works of a HVDC Back-to-Back converter station in Alytus with a 400 kV switchyard. A bid submitted by the global technology group ABB has been announced the winner of the tender based on the criteria of cost efficiency.
The bids were chosen on price and the terms of its payment, electricity transmission losses, the reliability of equipment (energy availability) and the number of unplanned outages. World famous technology companies ABB, Alstom Grid, Siemens and UAB Eltel Networks participated in a qualification process. ABB, Alstom Grid and Siemens were then invited to tender. Bids were submitted by ABB and Alstom Grid.
Upon the expiry of the period for the postponement of the signing of the contract, on 12 February 2013, ABB will be invited to conclude a contract for services. The contract is valued at LTL 288 million.
It is planned that ABB will design the HVDC Back-to-Back converter station and the 400 kV switchyard, carry out all necessary surveys, deliver and assemble equipment, perform its testing and put it into operation.
The HVDC Back-to-Back converter station in Alytus to be built by the end of 2015 will help to harmonise the different electricity transmission systems of Lithuania and Poland and secure a reliable and stable supply of electricity between the countries once the LitPol Link power interconnection starts functioning.
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