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Operational control

Operational control means controlling the equipment of the power transmission system and coordinating its operation with the operators of other countries‘ power transmission systems. Control staff who operate the power system round the clock ensure that the supply of electricity in the country is uninterrupted.

The company is responsible for the reliable functioning of the transmission grid and the connecting lines in the power system. We manage the national power balance in real time and provide other system services required for the safe and reliable operation of the power system.

Operational control tasks:
  • Control and management of the power balance in the national power system; exercising control over the reliability and stability of the functioning of the system;
  • Safe, efficient and reliable operational control of the national transmission grid;
  • Coordination of the operational control of all the areas of the national power sector that are related to the power generation, distribution and supply;
  • Control and management of power reserves of all types and of auxiliary services;
  • Continuous  coordination of the national power system‘s operation with the energy systems of the neighbouring countries;
  • Emergency prevention and response actions.
In performing its operational control functions, Litgrid collaborates with other TSOs that operate the synchronous grid of Continental Europe.
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