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LitPol Link starts trial operations

LitPol Link starts trial operations

The trial operations of Lithuanian-Polish power interconnection LitPol Link have started today with power transmission from Poland to Lithuania. The trial operations mode is the last phase before starting regular operations of the link.
“Trial operations provide an opportunity to once more verify that all parts of the link, including the smallest details, are ready for operation in various conditions. It also gives a chance to test market’s response to the new energy flows. The regular operations will start only after this trial period and when completely assured in reliability of the link, but we can feel the impact of the new power flows already”, - said Daivis Virbickas, CEO of Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid.
“All tasks have been completed according to the plan. I am extremely pleased that so complicated venture is a big success. Poland and Lithuania gained new cross-border interconnection, which not only enhances energy security through the possibility of energy imports in emergency situations, but also creates conditions for the safe transit of electricity between the eastern and western part of Europe.”- said Henryk Majchrzak, President of the Board of PSE SA, Polish TSO.
The main objective of the trial operations is to test the link in extreme conditions. Various parameters and the equipment’s response to their changes is being monitored, which allows to determine possible causes of faults and prepare for their quick elimination.
Trial operations differ from regular because of their rather unpredictable nature: unplanned disconnections of the link lasting from few hours to several weeks might occur. During trial operations LitPol Link might be unavailable in certain hours or days until the issues found are resolved.
All electricity transmitted through LitPol Link during trial operations is traded on the power market. The new power flows are already impacting the market, as the cheaper electricity from Poland flows to Lithuania, thus decreasing the price of electricity in Lithuania as well.
The link of 500 MW capacity connects Lithuanian and Polish power infrastructures for the first time. The interconnection is part of Baltic energy markets interconnection plan (BEMIP).
Lithuanian and Polish electricity transmission system operators Litgrid and PSE have implemented the LitPol Link project since 2008. Investment in Poland amounts to 430 million euros, half of which was funded by European Union (EU). Lithuania invested 150 million euros to the project, of which 27 million euros were funded by Connecting Europe Facility, 8 million euros - by other EU funds.
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