Power system

Generation capacity

The total installed capacity of the power plants operating in the Lithuanian power system was 3.684 megawatts (MW) as of 1 January 2019.  
Data on all the power plants‘ capacities is provided in the table below

Installed capacity (MW)  
Power and heat co-generation plants 1915
"Lietuvos elektrinė" 1045
Vilnius 3 360
Kaunas 170
Orlen Lietuva 160
Panevėžys 35
Other power plants 145
Renewable waste plants 22
Hydro electric and hydro pumped storage plants 1028
Kaunas HEPP 101
Kruonis HAE 900
Hidro connected to distribution networks 27
Wind power plants 533
Wind power plants connected to transmission networks 433
Wind power plants connected to distribution networks 100
Other power plants using renewable energy resources 186
Biofuels 103
   Biomass 62
   Biogas 41
Solar power plants  83
TOTAL: 3.684
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