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Lithuanian Electric Energy System Network Development Plan up to 2021 Released for Public Consultation

The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, Litgrid, has drawn up the Lithuanian electric energy system network development plan for up to 2021 and submitted it to the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (VKEKK).  A public consultation is currently in progress, allowing residents to get themselves acquainted with the plan and to send their comments and suggestions to the VKEKK.
According to the plan approved by the Board of Litgrid, within a period of ten years, the electricity transmission system operator will invest around LTL 2.8 billion in the development of the electricity transmission network. A major part of the investment (LTL 1.972 billion) is planned to be earmarked for the implementation of relevant strategic projects. Another LTL 799 million will be used for projects aimed at augmenting network reliability.
Litgrid estimates that given the existing regulating procedure for transmission rate and taking into account the injections planned for the electricity transmission network by 2021, the transmission tariff is not likely to change significantly and will total 1.9-2.0 ct/kWh (1.9ct/kWh in 2012).
The Lithuanian electric energy system 330-110 kV network expansion plan for 2012-2021 is available here or here
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