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Power system ready for summer

Power system ready for summer

As the summer season approaches, Lithuanian power plants and power transmission lines are going to undergo scheduled maintenance works. Nine of fourteen power plants will shut down for maintenance at a different time, so the supply of electricity will not be affected: most scheduled maintenance works will be carried out at thermal power plants which do not operate in summer.  
The short-term power system adequacy analysis for the summer season of 2014 shows that despite a drop in electricity demand in summer, imported electricity would cover only a quarter of the summer period’s demand. The scheduled maintenance of power transmission lines and cross-border power interconnections is carried out every summer.    
“The electricity demand forecast and the analysis of power generation and the grid’s capacities show that imported electricity will meet half of the country’s power demand while the other half will be covered by locally produced electricity. The planned cross-border interconnection capacities will allow for importing 50 per cent of electricity from Finland and Estonia and 50 per cent from the third countries,” says CEO and Board Chairman of Litgrid Daivis Virbickas.
According to statistics, it is forecast that this summer peak demand will occur on July 21-27. The power system’s capacity to meet electricity demand in the summer season is based on electricity consumption data recorded at 1 pm on Wednesdays.  An analysis compiled before every winter and summer season helps power system operators and market players to coordinate their actions to ensure power supply security and demand at any time. The summer season for energy systems starts on June 2 and ends on September 22.
The Kaliningrad thermal power plant is going to shut down one of its 450MW units for scheduled maintenance in the nearest time, on April 14. Until April 25, the Kaliningrad thermal power plant will produce the amount of electricity to meet only Kaliningrad’s needs. Due to the maintenance of two power transmission lines in Estonia and Latvia, the volume of electricity import to Lithuania and Latvia will reduce.
Information about the current and scheduled maintenance of power transmission lines and power generation units is published at in the section Urgent market messages.
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