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Panevėžys substation has been modernised to ensure reliable operation of the energy system

Panevėžys substation has been modernised to ensure reliable operation of the energy system

The reconstruction of Panevėžys transformer substation is completed. This high voltage substation ensures the reliability of power supply to consumers in Eastern Lithuania and secure power transit between Latvia and Lithuania. Private limited company Kauno Energetikos Remontas completed the reconstruction of the substation equipment and buildings in four years. Modern equipment and management technologies have been installed.
"Today, the Panevėžys substation is probably the most modern object in the whole energy system of the country, remotely controlled from the central control station based in Vilnius. It enables prompt response to any incidents in the system. The newly-constructed Panevėžys substation is the crucial power node meeting the highest safety and power supply reliability requirements. Substations of the same importance are located also in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Alytus and Klaipėda. The latter two substations are currently under modernisation, with the power links with Poland and Sweden being constructed", said Karolis Sankovski, member of the board of Litgrid and Director of the Strategic Infrastructure Department.  
The 330 kilovolts (kV) switchyard in the Panevėžys substation is connected to the power transmission system via three high voltage overhead power lines. Two new modular frame buildings have been constructed in the substation territory: the control stations of the 330 kV switchyard and 110 kV switchyard, four existing buildings have been reconstructed. The 110 kV part of the substation has had 12 lines reconstructed, with a monitoring system installed in one autotransformer, as well as a new autotransformer mounted.
The Panevėžys substation belongs to the ring of fibre optic cables, it has a node of communications installed, which ensures operation of the digital communication systems. During the reconstruction, the existing telecommunications equipment has been used, with new components added as well. The value of the substation reconstruction works amounted to about LTL 56 million.
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