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Line construction works

New high-voltage power transmission lines are constructed in Lithuania. During the overhead or cable lines’ construction works, contractors hired by Litgrid through public tendering procedures deliver and install electric equipment on the power line route, which often extends across private land. All the line construction works are carried out within the line route and the protection zone established in the territorial planning documents.

Where overhead power lines are constructed, towers are built first and then conductors are installed. Both building of towers and performing of earthworks for the laying of underground cables cause temporary inconvenience to landowners. According to the rules, on completion of earthworks and other works, contractors must restore the privately-owned areas and arable land so that they are fit for use according to their intended purpose and must compensate the landowners or users for any damage done by such works. Losses incurred by land owners and users are assessed and paid according to the procedure prescribed by the law.
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