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Draft Government resolution on Litgrid unbundling submitted

On 23 May 2012, the draft Government resolution “Regarding the Establishment of a Private Limited Company and the Investment of State Assets”, prepared by the Ministry of Energy, was announced through the Lithuanian Parliament information system of legal acts. The legislation is aimed at creating the conditions for the completion of splitting the electricity transmission business from commercial electricity production and supply activities.
Electricity transmission system operators’ activity must be unbundled in line with the implementation of the provisions of the European Union’s Third Package and the structural requirements that the Law on Energy of the Republic of Lithuania raises for the electricity energy sector.
The draft resolution, submitted for co-ordination at the interested institutions, proposes passing the shares of the vertically-integrated Visagino Nuclear Power Plant, UAB, to the Ministry of Economy under the right of trust, and transferring the shares of Litgrid that are currently controlled by the Visagino Nuclear Power Plant, UAB, to a newly-founded, state-run private limited company that is accountable to the Ministry of Energy.
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