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Systems tests of NordBalt not to affect the market participants

Systems tests of NordBalt not to affect the market participants

In late November 24 thousands Lithuanian consumers of electricity will receive electricity from Sweden for the first time. During a half an hour special test when the Lithuanian electricity system operator Litgrid is planning to verify the NordBalt black-start feature, the residents in Klaipėda and Šilutė districts will be provided with electricity from a single source – the Lithuanian and Swedish interconnector NordBalt. 
The power system restoration test is planned at night during the last weekend of November. It will include Priekulė, Saugai, Šilutė, Rusnė, Degučiai, Kintai, Vainutai, Švėkšna, Veiviržėnai, Judrėnai and surrounding villages. The exact time of the test will be announced later. The residents of these settlements will be informed about the test via a separate SMS sent by the Lithuanian distribution network operator Lesto. During the test, consumers can feel electricity supply disturbances. The test will have no impact to the electricity market. 
The power system restoration is the restoration of power supply to consumers after the extensive loss of supplies in the grid. With this functionality NordBalt can serve as an efficient 700 MW power reserve. 
“The technology of high voltage direct current will allow not only to transmit the electricity and control the voltage but also to restore the reliable electricity transmission when needed. This would be relevant if the electricity supply is disturbed to the large group of consumers due to natural disasters or other reasons. Before the start of NordBalt operation we have to check the black start functionality in order to use it later at any time if necessary”, Daivis Virbickas, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Litgrid, said. 
According to him, during the test the situation where the power distribution is restored with the help of NordBalt HVDC converter in Klaipėda will be demonstrated. 
The black start test is the part of NordBalt system tests. The construction works of the first power connection between Lithuania and Sweden were completed in late October. The NordBalt cable consists of the 400 km undersea cable crossing the Baltic Sea, 13 km length underground cable stretching from the Klaipėda transformer substation to the sea and the 40 km length underground cable running from the Nybro substation to the sea in Sweden. The launch of the 700 MW NordBalt is planned in December this year. 
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