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New Board of Litgrid elected

On 29 July a new board of Litgrid was elected in a general extraordinary meeting of shareholders. The new board consists of five members: two nominated from Litgrid, two from its holding company EPSO-G and one elected as an independent member of the board.
Litgrid representatives in the board are company‘s CEO Daivis Virbickas and the director of the transmission grid department Vidmantas Grušas.
Daivis Virbickas has been managing Litgrid since 2013, he has also previously served as company‘s technical director. Mr. Virbickas has a long-term experience in developing and managing the transmission system strategies, implementing international energy projects, electricity market analysis and business management.
Vidmantas Grušas has a long-term experience in maintenance of equipment and installations, operational control and development of transmission grid facilities. Since April 2011 Mr. Grušas has been the Director of the Transmission Grid Department of Litgrid.
Two members - Rimvydas Štilinis and Nemunas Biknius - joins Litgrid board from EPSO-G, a company that holds 97,5 % of Litgrid shares.
Rimvydas Štilinis is the Director for Infrastructure of EPSO-G, he also serves as a member of the Board at gas transmission system operator Amber Grid. He worked at Lietuvos energija from 2002 to 2014. From 2008 to 2014 he served as a director of Nuclear energy, Construction and Infrastructure department and as a head of Competence Centre for General Infrastructure. In 2014-2015 Mr. Štilinis was the CEO of VAE SPB.
Nemunas Biknius is the Director of Strategy and Development at EPSO-G. He also serves as a chairman of the board at Amber Grid and a member of the board at energy exchange Baltpool. His previous experience involves positions in the Ministries of Energy and Economy and Lietuvos dujos, where he has served as a member of the Board and the director for service and development.
Domas Sidaravičius was elected as an independent member of the Litgrid board. Mr Sidaravičius has a long term experience of financial and insurance services, business risk management. Since 2016 Mr. Sidaravičius has been the member of the board and the CEO of ERGO Invest Sia.
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