Power system


Litgrid secures an uninterrupted functioning of the power system by planning the system‘s operations, implementing the real-time system control, and making retrospective analyses of the transmission grid parameters.

In the planning phase, we set the technical requirements securing the reliability of the transmission grid, estimate the scope of reserves and the volumes of electricity trade between the neighbouring power systems, forecast the demand and generation, coordinate the repair schedules for the transmission lines and the generators at power plants, and carry out the data interchange with the neighbouring power systems. Dedicated software is used for the transmission network reliability analysis, which is aimed at determining the ability of the transmission grid to maintain reliability in case of unplanned events. Technical and organisational measures of emergency response are planned as well.

To ensure the system‘s reliability in real time, we carry out routine activities such as the monitoring and control of the main parameters of the power system, management of operational switchings of the transmission grid, and remote control of the grid elements. Actions are coordinated with the operators of the neighbouring countries‘ transmission systems; in case of emergency we lead emergency response and the power system’s recovery actions.

We make analyses of the main grid parameter data on a regular basis, investigate the causes of failures and emergencies, and determine the requisite preventive measures in order to secure the required reliability level in the future.
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