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Procedure of Interconnection to the Electricity Transmission Network Clarified

In an effort to alleviate the administrative burden for business, electricity transmission operator Litgrid has drawn up a unified document intended for electricity producers which contains a detailed explanation of the steps to be taken as a part of power plant interconnection with the electricity transmission network. The interconnection terms and conditions, requirements, and procedures presented in different legal acts are now available in a single document.
"The new procedure is a positive sign for investors in power generation. The procedures that apply to generators when connecting to the electricity transmission network must be clear and unequivocal. It is our intention to create transparent conditions for the users of the electricity transmission network," Virgilijus Poderys, CEO of the electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, says.
"It is a positive development that the legal provisions regulating the electricity generating facilities' interconnection to the transmission network are now pooled in a single document. Previously, they could only be found in different legal acts. The new procedure facilitates the development of energy generation from renewable sources," Saulius Pikšrys, the Director of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association, claims.

The procedure for the generators specifies the main stages of the interconnection to power grid, explains the details of the issuance of the interconnection terms and conditions, presents the aspects of the interconnection contract, and explains the routine of the settlements and the provision of information. In addition, templates of the applications for the issuance of the preliminary interconnection terms and conditions, the interconnection terms and conditions, draft application to sign the memorandum of understanding as well as the standard forms of the memoranda of understanding have also been published.
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