Power system

Transmission grid

Litgrid: the road from a power generating plant to the distribution to customers
Transmission grid

Litgrid as the transmission system operator (TSO) is responsible for the control, maintenance and development of the national power transmission grid.
The main function of the company is to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the national power system. While performing  this function, we look after the integrity of the power system and control, operate and develop the transmission network and the lines connecting the national system with the other power systems.
The 330-110 kV power transmission grid of Lithuania includes 234 transformer substations and switchyards as well as 6687 km of power transmission lines. The installed capacity of the 330 kV transformers totals 3900 MW and that of the 110 kV transformers totals 92.6 MW.

Transmission grid control and development

We provide the power transmission service to the users of the high-voltage grid and ensure equal conditions for the connection to and use of the grid. Furthermore, we organise connection of the customers‘, distribution companies‘ and power plants‘ equipment to the transmission grid and carry out and supervise the accounting for electricity in the transmission grid.

Litgrid is responsible for the reliable operation of the transmission grid, connecting lines, and other electric equipment. We carry out the real-time control of the national power balance and ensure the quality of electricity in the transmission grid.  The transmission grid of Lithuania is well connected with some of the neighbouring power systems: by four 330 kV lines and three 110 kV lines with Latvia, five 330 kV lines and seven 110 kV lines with Belarus, and three  330 kV and three 110 kV lines with the Kaliningrad Region.
The company provides additional services that are required for the safe and reliable operation of the power system. The TSO performs the planning and coordination of the transmission network topology, implements measures to prevent failures and emergencies, and takes emergency response actions when necessary. Litgrid ensures that the quality of the electricity transmitted via the grid meets the applicable standards.
We operate in such a way  that the transmission network in Lithuania functions in an effective, reliable and environmentally friendly way.
Litgrid prepares plans for the development of the power transmission grid, carries out grid reconstruction and maintenanace works including the high-voltage power transmission lines and transformer substations, builds new overhead and cable power lines, implements the strategic projects on power links with Poland (LitPol Link) and Sweden (NordBalt).
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