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Convocation of Ordinary General Meeting 24/04/2018

1. The total number of Litgrid AB shares on the day of convocation the general meeting of shareholders was 504,331,380 ordinary shares with a nominal value of EUR 0,29 (twenty nine euro cents), carrying voting rights in the general meetings of shareholders.
2. The agenda of the general meetings of shareholders can be amended by shareholders who have at least 5% of the total votes according to the shares held by them. An offer to amend the agenda shall be delivered in writing or by electronic means. The offer shall be supplemented with draft decisions concerning issues in question or with explanations offered on each issue on the agenda, if the issue does not require any decision. The agenda will be amended if the offer is received no later than 14 days before the general meeting of shareholders.
3. Shareholders, whose shares grant them at least 5% of the total votes, are entitled to offer new draft solutions on agenda in writing or by electronic means at any time before or during the extraordinary meeting of the shareholders. Proposals on additonal agenda or draft resolutions on items already  on agenda are submitted in written form to the company‘s office A.Juozapavičiaus g. 13, Vilnius or by e-mail   info@litgrid.eu.
4. The company shall reply to the questions of shareholders on agenda before a general meeting of shareholders, if the questions were received at least 3 work days before the meeting. 
All answers to the questions related to the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders (submitted in advance) are delivered at the general meeting or to all shareholders simultaneously before the meeting. The company can deliver one answer to the questions that are of similar content. It is considered that the company has answered the question if the information is provided on the company’s website frequently asked questions section.
The company is entitled to refuse to provide answers to the questions of the shareholders, if they are related to commercial (industrial) secrets or confidential information, having informed the shareholders about it, or the identity of the shareholder cannot be confirmed.
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