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The guarantee of origin administration

Litgrid AB, in accordance to the Resolution No. 1-298 of 14 November 2016 of the Minister of Energy (further – Rules of RES guarantee of origin), performs the functions of issuing, transferring and invalidating guarantees of origin for the electricity produced from renewable energy sources and of recognizing, in the Republic of Lithuania, the guarantees of origin issued in other Member Countries (Issuing Body).
The Rules shall be binding upon the producers of electricity, suppliers of electricity, the electricity transmission system operator and the operator of electricity distribution networks, also other participants in the power market that are subject to registration in the database of guarantees of origin, hold guarantees of origin, and provide information to the Issuing Body.
From 1st of January 2018 AEI guarantees of origin are issued only in the CMO.grexel (except the guarantees of origin mentioned in the paragraph 16.1. of Rules of RES guarantee of origin). A participant intending to acquire and/or use the guarantees of origin issued in Lithuania must submit an application for the conclusion of a contract with the Designated Authority. The application form can be found here.
From June 2018, Issuing Body became a cooperation member of the association for issuance of guarantees of origin (Association of Issuing Bodies, AIB). This membership grants the right to import guarantees of from other AIB member countries through the AIB Central Electronic Guarantees of Origin (AIB HUB). The free movement of guarantees of origin through this AIB HUB, which facilitates cross-border trade in guarantees of origin and promotes the standardised pan-European framework of rules (the European Energy Certificate System or EECS). A brochure about AIB can be found here.
Participants that seek to import guarantees of origin and / or import from other AIB member countries must submit an application and questionnaire (if participant isn’t registered in Lithuania) applies for the conclusion of a contract with the Issuing Body.
The application form can be found ♦here
The questionnaire you find here                           
(please fill it if you are not registered in Lithuania).
CONDITIONS OF THE STANDARD CONTRACT (English version of the contract)
Participants who have signed contracts with the Issuing Body must follow the Lithuanian Domain Protocol
In accordance to the Resolution No. 1-216 of 5 November 2012 of the Minister of Energy (further – Rules of the Efficient co-generation guarantee of origin), Litgrid AB is responsible for the issue or cancellation of the certificates of origin.
Rules of the Efficient co-generation guarantee of origin are mandatory for the transmission system operator and electricity producers, producing electricity in high efficiency cogeneration process and wishing to obtain certificates of origin.
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