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Reports about Certificates of origin

Litgrid AB publishes information in accordance to the Resolution No. 1-298 of 14 November 2016 of the Minister of Energy.
Reports on the issued RES guarantees of origin (MWh) are published separately according to types of energy source:
2019 (update on 21/06/2019)
2018 (update on 18/01/2019).
2017 (update on 24/01/2018). The list (update on 23/11/2017) of companies which were issued guarantees of origin.
2016 (update on 12/01/2017).
2015 (update on 17/11/2016), Forum Klaipėda, UAB, has corrected data of all months.
Note: the list of permits can be found here.
Reports on transferred and canceled of guarantees of origin:
2018 (update on 30/10/2018), for statistical information please click on link
2017 (update on 15/02/2018)
2016 (update on 08/03/2017)
2015 (update on 14/01/2016)
Reports on guarantees of origin issued in other countries and  recognized or canceled in Lithuania: 
2018 (update on 17/04/2019)
2017 (update on 17/04/2019)
2016 (update on 23/01/2018)
2015 (update on 27/12/2016)
Certificates of origin are issued according to the Rules for the Issue of Certificates of Origin for Electricity Generated by High-Efficiency Co-Generation Process approved by Order of the Minister of Energy No. 1-216 of 5 November 2012.
Reports on Certificates of Origin Issued 
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