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Litgrid, the electricity transmission system operator, implements strategic energy projects of national significance, under which high-voltage power lines are built in the Lithuania. Often the lines extend across private land, therefore servitudes must be established on the routes of the new lines. According to the Law on Electricity, upon conclusion of the land servitude agreements with landowners, the power transmission system operator, which is responsible for the development of the national power transmission grid, becomes entitled to construct new power lines in parts of the privately-owned land lots. By signing the servitude agreement, the land owner permits the operator to use and service the newly constructed power line.
Landowners are paid cash compensations for the establishment of servitude on their lands. Compensations are calculated according to the methodology approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Understanding that the line construction works cause inconvenience to landowners, Litgrid offers compensation that is 30% larger than that established by the Government to any land owner who signs the servitude agreement before the date of approval of the special plan for the line construction design. If a land owner does not sign the servitude agreement offered, the amount of the compensation is calculated according to the methodology approved by the Government without the extra 30%. 
Title to the land is not affected by the establishment of servitude and the construction of the line and the owner can continue any usual activities on the land. Some restrictions apply, however, to the part of the land lot which falls within the line protection zone.
The present high-voltage power transmission lines are governed by the servitude provisions of the current Law on Electricity, which enable Litgrid as the transmission system operator to unrestrictedly carry out grid maintenance and operation works on the line route. 
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