400 kV Elk transformer substation

400 kV power line

LitPol Link HVDC back-to-back converter station

330 kV Alytus transformer substation
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“LitPol Link”, which was launched 2015, is the first interconnection between the Baltic and Western European electricity infrastructures. The powerful electricity interconnection with Poland opens up the possibility of synchronous operation with the energy systems of other Western European countries and allows the development of a single European electricity market.
The “LitPol Link” interconnection was built by Litgrid, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, and PSE, the Polish electricity grid operator. During the implementation of this strategic project, the technical design of the interconnection was completed and construction work intensively carried out in 2014-2015, also further 11 smaller network projects have been implemented.
  • High-voltage double-circuit 400 kV overhead power line from Ełk (Poland) to  Alytus (Lithuania).
  • Length of the power line: 163 km, including 51 km in Lithuania (Alytus and  Lazdijai districts) and 112  km in Poland (Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodships). 
  • One of the key components of the link – the direct current converter that is constructed in the Alytus transformer substation. The converter is required for the matching of the different power transmission systems of Lithuania and Poland.
  • Capacity of the link: 500 MW
  • Estimated service life: 50 years.
  • Investments: 560 million Eur.
In January 2010, the following documents on the 400 kV overhead power transmission line from the Alytus transformer substation to the Lithuanian-Polish border were completed: the conceptual special plan, the document establishing the scope of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and the Environmental Impact Assessment Programme. 
In February 2010, an agreement for the financing of the power link and the development of operating models was concluded.
In April 2010, the SEA was completed for the special plan by preparing the SEA Report.
In June 2010, a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the LitPol Link project was started.
In August 2010, transboundary consultations on the EIA of the LitPol Link project were started.
In December 2010, the Alytus Regional Environmental Protection Department approved the EIA Report, permitting the elaboration of detailed solutions of the special plan for the 400 kV line and completion of the detailed planning of the Alytus substation.
In 2011, preparation of the territorial planning documents for the overhead line in Lithuania was completed, the process of concluding servitude agreements with land owners in Lithuania was started, consultations with the Polish side on the EIA Report were completed.
In January 2012, an international tendering procedure for the installation of the back-to-back converter and a 400 kV switchyard in Alytus was announced. The procurement includes technical designing, obtaining of building permits, manufacture of equipment, and construction and installation works. Upon preparation of the power transmission system in Lithuania for synchronous operation in the continental European grid, the same back-to-back converter is planned to be later used for the asynchronous operation of the Lithuanian and Belarusian power systems.
An environmental impact assessment report was prepared in Poland and a part of agreements with private land owners were concluded. At the beginning of May, a contract for the Ełk switchyard design and construction works was concluded. Works of design and construction of LitPol Link-related power transmission lines from Warsaw to Ełk with switchyards were conducted in parallel.
In February 2012, Litgrid finished paying compensations under servitude establishment agreements to nearly 400 out of 500 land owners whose property falls within the route of construction of LitPol Link. For the remaining land owners, servitudes were established by the National Land Service by administrative deeds.
In October 2012, geodetic and geological investigations were conducted on the overhead power line route in Lithuania. 
In February 2013, a contract for the construction of the back-to-back converter was concluded. The construction will be started in the spring of 2014, with the completion scheduled for the December 2015.
In March 2013, a public tendering procedure for the reconstruction of the 330 kV switchyard of Alytus substation was announced.
In March 2013, the technical design for the link was prepared, whereas an application for the building permit was be filed to competent state authorities.
In February 2013, a contract for the construction of the back-to-back converter was concluded. The construction will be started in the spring of 2014, with the completion scheduled for the December 2015.
In March 2013, the technical design for the power line was prepared.
In April 2013, a permit for the reconstruction of the Alytus 300 kV switchyard  was received.
In April 2013, public procurement procedures for reconstruction of the Alytus 300 kV switchyard and building of power line in Lithuania part were started.
In May 2013, a permit for building of the power line was received.
In June 2013, the reconstruction of Alytus 110 kV transformer substation was started.
In Spetember 2013, the contract for the reconstruction of the Alytus 300 kV switchyard was signed.
The start of construction of interconnection LitPol Link – Spring, 2014
Work in Poland is being carried timely and according to the plan. Final environmental impact assessments are under approve. Easements setting process is being carried, contracts with landowners are being signed. Construction of the interconnection in Poland includes as many as 11 related investment projects. The first stage of the LitPol Link interconnection is expected to be completed on time – by the end of 2015.
The construction of the 400 kV power line and the reconstruction of the Alytus 330 kV switchyard are planned to be completed by the end of 2015. The 500 MW power link connecting Lithuania and Poland will be put into operation in December 2015. By 2020, the LitPol Link will start operating at a 1000 MW capacity. 
Project partners:
  • Lituanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid AB
  • Polish electricity transmission system operator PSE, S.A.
For more information please visit: www.litpol-link.eu