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2016 july 29

New Board of Litgrid elected

On 29 July a new board of Litgrid was elected in a general extraordinary meeting of shareholders. The new board consists of five members: two nominated from Litgrid, two from its holding company EPSO-G and one elected as an independent member of the board.
2016 july 22

Second Lithuanian-Polish power link feasibility to be assessed

A second power interconnection linking Lithuania with Poland is planned to be built as the Baltic States are preparing for the synchronisation of their electricity systems with the networks of continental Europe. This week the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid announced a public procurement to develop a feasibility study on the future power interconnection route.
2016 july 8

The first half year with new power links: more security and lower prices

Over the first six months this year the electricity price at the Nord Pool Lithuanian bidding area fell 4 per cent compared to the same period last year. The average electricity price was 36.2 EUR/MWh. 
2016 july 4

Litgrid’s Warning in the Ten-Year Plan: Electricity Generation Is Moving Away from Lithuania

Litgrid, the electricity transmission system operator, has prepared and submitted to the National Commission on Prices and Energy Control a ten-year grid development plan for 2016-2025.
2016 june 27

Baltic TSOs launch a public consultation on the Baltic balancing market elements

On June 27, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian electricity transmission system operators (TSO) Elering, Augstsprieguma tīkls and Litgrid launch the first set of documents for a public consultation on the common balancing market model in the Baltic countries.
2016 june 27

More power links needed for European electricity systems integration

The European Network of Transmission System Operators ENTSO-E has released a ten-year network development plan (TYNDP) which provides for key scenarios and projects for the developing of European electricity networks. The TYNDP focuses on projects aimed at reducing the impact of climate change. Among the priorities of the TYNDP is the de-synchronisation of the Baltic electricity systems of from the Russian network and their deeper integration into Western European networks to ensure the reliability of electricity supply.
2016 june 20

Transformer at NordBalt’s converter station in Sweden being replaced

One of the three transformers of the NordBalt power interconnection at the Nybro HVDC converter station in Sweden is being replaced.
2016 june 18

LitPol Link power interconnection will be making less noise

The HVDC back-to-back converter station of the LitPol Link power interconnection which links Lithuania with Poland will be producing less noise. On June 18-21, technical measures aimed at reducing noise and eliminating discomfort experienced by people living in the vicinity of the power interconnection will be taken in the HVDC back-to-back converter station located in Butrimiškės village. During the works the power interconnection will not be available to the market.
2016 june 16

Only one out of two energy construction sites operates safely

During the first five months of this year, electricity transmission system operator Litgrid conducted 25 employee safety audits at contractor work sites. Violations were identified at more than half – 14 sites; in many cases, several violations were found.
2016 june 7

Environmental impact of LitPol Link to be monitored for three years

In 2016-2018, environmental protection specialists will be on constant watch along the route of the LitPol Link overhead transmission line that stretches through the districts of Lazdijai and Alytus. The Environmental Protection Agency and other relevant authorities have already approved the LitPol Link environmental impact monitoring programme, according to which Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid will begin a public procurement for monitoring services shortly.
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