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2016 september 15

Preparations for the Second Link with Poland Have Started

The second power link with Poland that will complement the LitPol Link between Alytus and Ełk already in operation is one of the most important and complicated works in the preparations for the operation of the Baltic States’ power systems within synchronous grid of Continental Europe. Both Lithuania and Poland are considering the options of the new line’s route. On the Lithuanian part, the options will be analysed by Sweco Lietuva, an engineering consultancy to whom the contract has been awarded in a tendering procedure organised by the Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid. 
2016 september 13

LitPol Link Route to Be Monitored by Ornithological Society and Lithuanian Fund for Nature

Specialists from the Lithuanian Ornithological Society and the Lithuanian Fund for Nature are starting work on the route of LitPol Link, the Lithuanian-Polish power link. Winners of a public procurement procedure, these two organisations will monitor the impact of the power link on the environment in the course of three years. 
2016 september 13

Virbickas to become a European Commission expert group member

Daivis Virbickas, the CEO of Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, became a member of the European Commission expert group.
2016 september 5

Rimvydas Štilinis elected as chairman of the Litgrid board

On 2 September Litgrid Board elected Rimvydas Štilinis as a chairman of the Board.
2016 september 1

How autumn affects daily routine of power engineers

With the autumn approaching, the daily activities of the specialists who work for the electricity transmission system operator Litgrid are also affected by changing weather patterns and birds leaving their summer habitats. Birds preparing to head south and gathering around power lines in large numbers may cause a short-term power outage.
2016 august 29

Litgrid aims to optimize renewable energy management

In 2015, renewable energy made up 16% of all electricity generated in the country. Renewable energy generators are connected to the electricity system through high and medium voltage power networks. The purchase, administration and balancing of electricity generated by renewable energy sources as well as the management of other system services is shared by various institutions. The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid says that a modern centralized management of renewable energy would be more effective and provide added value to power consumers. 
2016 august 25

Litgrid Group reports net profit growth

Results of Litgrid Group for the first six months of 2016 reflect among other things the impact of the new power interconnections. 
2016 august 11

New wind farm connected to the grid

Litgrid has connected 24-turbines wind farm to the transmission grid in Šilutė district. The first megawatts from the new 60 MW wind farm have already reached the grid and its customers.
2016 august 5

First digital transformer substation activated in Lithuania

A digital high-voltage transformer substation, the first of its kind in the Baltic countries, was connected to Lithuanian power system. The substation is Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator’s Litgrid pilot project, aimed at assessing the benefits of digital substations for the power system. 
2016 august 3

Environmentalists to work on LitPol Link route

This autumn nature protection specialists will start working on the route of Lithuanian-Polish interconnection LitPol Link. The environmental impact of the link will be monitored in Alytus and Lazdijai districts in the course of three years. This week Litgrid, the power link operator, published a notice of public procurement to select specialists for the provision of the environmental monitoring services.
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