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2017 january 20

Virbickas: It’s time for Europe to embrace regional energy perspective

Litgrid’s CEO Daivis Virbickas has emphasized at the Platts Central and Eastern European Power Conference that regional opportunities must be considered and explored when planning the energy sector development.  
2017 january 16

Baltic power systems preparing for isolated operation test

The power systems of the three Baltic countries are preparing for the significant step towards synchronisation. For a short period of time they will be disconnected from the energy systems of neighbouring countries and will become an independent energy system for the time of the test. A study on preparation for isolated operation test started in January.
2017 january 4

Market Price Reduced 13% Due to Operation of NordBalt and LitPol Link

In 2016, the average price for electricity in the Lithuanian bidding area of Nord Pool was the lowest in the history of the exchange: EUR 36.5 per megawatt hour (MWh).
2016 december 30

Litgrid focused on European integration strategy throughout 2016

Throughout 2016 Litgrid, the electricity transmission system operator, focused on the transmission grid enhancement and preparations for synchronisation: new lines were planned and constructed, and preparations were made for the future challenges of system operation. 
2016 december 29

Scope of Investment in the Transmission Grid Reliability: EUR 18 million

Litgrid’s investments in the transmission network upgrading projects amounted to over EUR 18 million in 2016.
2016 december 28

Negotiations over the Service for Tertiary Power Reserve for 2017 Completed

The tertiary power reserve service for 2017 will be provided by Lithuanian power plant. The service will be provided for € 32 million. 
2016 december 28

Record Amount of Wind Power Connected to the Transmission Grid in 2016

The installed capacity of wind power in Lithuania is 500 MW.
2016 december 8

New power line being built in Alytus district

Work has started in Alytus district to construct a new overhead power line from Alytus to the Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant. With the last construction permits issued last week, the power line’s construction works will begin in the districts of Prienai and Kaišiadorys as well.
2016 december 2

The first tertiary reserve auction to be held next week

The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid is going to run the first tertiary reserve auction on December 5.
2016 november 25

Grid Reliability Underpinning Growth in Litgrid Group‘s Income

Income of Litgrid Group for the nine months of 2016 totalled EUR 123.1 million, a 69% increase compared with the same period of previous year. The Group’s net profit increased 3.5 times, totalling EUR 12.4 million. Such financial results were largely determined by increase in transmission revenue, connection of new producers and other operating income as well as congestion revenues.
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