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EU internal market for electricity

European Union needs a competitive, integrated and flexible single energy market. Energy has to be a common competitive commodity that reaches customers at places where there is a demand for it.
The European Heads of State and Government set a clear deadline of 2014 for the completion of the internal European energy market.
ENTSO-E and European electricity exchanges are intensively developing an internal market for electricity by implementing the project on the price coupling of regions (PCR) .
The Nord Pool Spot electricity exchange, which is successfully operating also in Lithuania, is an active participant in this project. By creating a common electricity market of the Baltic States and integrating it into the Nordic electricity market, by constructing the power links with Sweden and Poland, and by implementing the Grid Codes, we will become an integral part of PCR and the internal market for electricity. The internal European electricity market will help enhance liquidity, efficiency, and social welfare.
For more information on PCR please visit Nord Pool Spot website.
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