Electricity market


On 17 June 2009, the President of the European Commission (EC) and the Prime Ministers of the States of the Baltic Sea Region signed a memorandum on the basis of which a detailed plan on the integration of the Baltic electricity markets (Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan, BEMIP) was drawn up.
The main purpose of BEMIP is to create a duly operating, integrated energy market and to secure the requisite energy infrastructure as a prerequisite for a competitive, sustainable and secure energy market in the Baltic Sea Region.
A number of strategic energy projects implemented in the Baltic region are aimed at elimination of the Baltic countries‘ energy isolation and at sustainable development of the energy sector in the BEMIP area.
Litgrid, which is responsible for the development of the electricity market and the implementation of the international power links‘ projects, submits reports on implementation of BEMIP to the EC and makes proposals for the inclusion of the cross-border links in the List of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).
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